Refocus your vision (the glasses are on!)

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I am interested in the experiences, tools and stories that bring clarity, awareness and INSIGHT into people’s lives.  Likewise my goal is to bring back the fun and perspective so many of us may have lost along away.  I hope to awaken the passion and creativity that each of us have so people like us can leave this amazing life journey with NO regrets, having lived FULL OUT!  Oh, and I like to do this with a little humor and fun, even though many of life’s biggest lessons are often wrapped in sad or even tragic stories.

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All of us possess the power and wisdom to gain insight. We are born with this natural ability – our perception, curiosity and senses are fully alive when we enter the world.

Yet over time our vision and clarity dulls and things can become blurred, hazy and obscured. We often start to feel lonely, sad, angry and overwhelmed as life progresses. Many of us feel tired, empty and hungry for something – and so often we mistakenly try to fill that emptiness with all the wrong things.

Yet, all we need to refocus our lives, is to put what we call our “insight” glasses on (they are always readily available) and rediscover the magical world we left behind when we were children – but using our big kid glasses.

Whether we gain clarity through psychotherapy, meditation, creativity or any mind-body practice, we discover that gaining insight and awareness makes us feel happy, healthy and harmonious. It gives us perspective and brings back that bounce to our step!  When things are aligned it  makes us want to throw open the windows and scream – “YEAH BABY!”

This blog is for anyone and everyone who would like to learn and/or share something about themselves or their lives that has given them greater insight into themselves and their relationships.  I want your lessons and your insights!  I want you to put your glasses on!

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