There’s a man that I know
Who’s come into power
That we hear on our airwaves
Hour after hour

But I bet there’s one thing
You just do not know
It’s what fills his big belly
And makes his head grow

Some of us drink
A Chai tea latte
And some sip on smoothies
Or a green tea matte

Some prefer soda
And others crave wine
Some cry for breast milk
At a quarter to nine

But the guy in charge
Likes something unique
His own special beverage
That’s strong and not weak

It’s something called ME JUICE!!
He drinks it all day
He drinks while he works
And he drinks while at play

He drinks it when talking
To all of the press
He drinks it while showering
And while he gets dressed

He drinks it when meeting
With Justin Trudeau
And from just where he gets it
We do not quite know

It’s been said that he’s drank it
Since he was a baby
Did his parents supply it?
We think so, just maybe?

But he cries for it all through
The day and the night
And if it’s denied him
We’ve heard he will fight

He slams down his fist
“I want it right now
Or else I’ll be pissed”

Then a dutiful follower
Delivers his juice
That our leader sucks down
Before he lets loose

And once he has guzzled
I’ve heard he feels puzzled
And he thinks he’s a hunk
When instead he’s just drunk

Drunk from his ME JUICE
Consumed in his tower
Drunk with his ego
And drunk with his power

Cause ME JUICE is something
That some people need
The ones who’re obsessed
With more power and greed

The ones who as children
Did not get enough
But who grew up believing
That they were hot stuff

The ME JUICE, it flows
With unlimited force
And the more that he guzzles
The more he’s off course

And the more he’s off course
The more his suppliers
Bring him more ME JUICE
These shrewd bunch of liars

Who have an agenda
That needs lots of juice
Cause they’re using this leader
As just an excuse

To push through their bills
And strengthen their plan
So they stuff him with ME JUICE
This babyish man

He screams high and low
It’s like watching an outlandish
Reality show

But sadly it’s not just a
Show on TV
The ME JUICE is real
It’s the magical key

Cause ME JUICE is something
That narcissists’ drink
When they can’t get enough
Of the ME thoughts they think

He needs all those followers
To confirm his self worth
Cause he’s never been weaned
Since the time of his birth

He’s been sucking that ME JUICE
Since he was a small lad
It’s what’s made him so selfish
And driven him mad

And once he’s gets ME JUICE
Flowing though his dark veins
He turns to his cell phone
So he can complain

Cause the Real press aren’t
Feeding him any ME JUICE
So he uses his Twitter
To really let loose

It splatters all over the world
A tirade, a tantrum
Unleashed and unfurled

He rants and he raves
And he has a huge fit
The FREE press is the ‘enemy’
Yes – that is it!

Drinking his ME JUICE
And in his account
He sends tweet after tweet
Way too many to count

In the wee hours of night
Drinking ME JUICE he’ll storm
Just like a teen
Whose addicted to porn

His ME JUICE is leaking
All over the planet
And so far no one knows
How to bar it or ban it

And when he meets with top leaders
Like Princes and Queens
They watch him drink ME JUICE
And start to turn green

But his followers keep filling
His cup with more JUICE”
And he guzzles it down
While he tightens the noose

The noose that will choke us
And strangle our rights
Disgracing past heroes
Who soared to great heights

Heroes who saved us
In times of great need
Who gave up their lives
So ours could be freed

“I need to campaign,
“Me needs more ME JUICE!”
“To help me stay sane.”

Cause when he campaigns
The ME JUICE is abundant
But now we concur
That it’s getting redundant

Cause a leader is someone
Who must do his job
He can’t always drink ME JUICE
And act like a snob

He must sort things out
And perform his new duties
Not scream for his “ME JUICE!”
Afraid he’ll get cooties

When he finally rests
Just too tired to keep tweeting
Fed up with reporters
And stupid old meetings

When he closes the door
Does he let out a moan?
Is he ever content?
To be all alone?

He has said the ‘fake news’
Is making him woozy
So he sucks down his ME JUICE
Or else he’ll get snoozy!

It’s hard to imagine
What exactly transpires
But each day from the White House
Come new CRAZY fires

And each day he returns
With a strange sort of vengeance
Screaming for ME JUICE!!!
And making his entrance


“Cause without it I’m just
A small, simple man
And without it I can’t really
Steal, trick or scam.”

And after he drinks it
He says with a sigh
“You see I am good
I am just a great guy!”

“My hands they are big
And so are my feet!”
It takes that kind of man
To clean up the street!”

I’m larger than all men
Even that big one named ZEUS
As long as I’m drinking
My Mama’s ME JUICE.”

“Ahhhhh…thank you supplier
For bringing ME ME JUICE
Now I can go night night
With dear Mother Goose.”


Nighty night


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