What the mind sees, it achieves.

I recently attended a workshop entitled Walking with Empowerment. Derek O’Neil, the psychotherapist and spiritual healer summed up his many years of teachings into this one phrase: “What the mind see, it achieves.” This mantra is one we have all heard before, however the truth of it is actually astounding.  Keeping this phrase in my mind, I reminded my patients this week to continue clarifying their visions and goals, highlighting that if they cannot see what they truly want, nobody else will.  Spending as much quiet time as possible meditating, journaling, dreaming and just being – continually asking yourself which images, messages and visions continue to arise.  This quiet time is absolutely necessary for you to clarify your deepest wishes. Otherwise,  you are just an empty vessel rushing around from place to place, never focusing your mind’s lens on what it truly desires. So, for this week – try tune into your deepest self. You just might see something that will clarify your dreams.

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