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the butterfly and the spiderweb

Many years ago I worked at a Christian treatment center for addictions with clients ranging from physicians and judges to homeless men and women, all who were psychologically dependent on alcohol, cocaine, heroin, sex, gambling, eating, the internet, working, etc. … Continue reading

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You cannot imagine how time can be so still.

In truth, it is like this: You cannot imagine… how time can be so still. It hangs. It weighs. And yet there is so little of it. It goes so slowly. And yet it is so scarce. (From the play … Continue reading

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Listen to the African Cottonseed

Many years ago I wrote a paper for my Ph.D. program entitled, Tales of An African Cottonseed, narrated by a Cottonseed who is born in an African cotton field. The cottonseed is picked, cleaned, dyed, whitened, spun into threads and … Continue reading

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