The Weight of the Wait

There’s an old gal named Kate
Who thought it was great
To wait and to wait and to wait and to wait
Who hated rejection
And longed for perfection
Who thought that it best to be NEVER
Then late
The only problem for Kate
Was the terrible weight
That stopped her from moving
And filled her with hate
For the more that she waited
The less she created
Her ideas became weighted
And soon got outdated
While she felt frustrated
So if you’re like Kate
Please do me a favor
Do not try and savor
Every last flavor
Just make a decision!
And go with your vision!
And all of the weight
Will soon dissipate
Cause if you try to be great
Like poor old Kate
Who still sits waiting
You’ll end up like Kate
Who sits with her weight
Without a real date
And then it will really be


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