It’s all up to YOU!

In a land you once knew

Where Greenish things grew

And Creatures flew free

On an unsullied sea


A land we all cherished

Til’ everything Perished

And all that delighted

Was swiftly ignited


And if you look back

Cause look back you should

It began with a promise

Sounding decent and good


“We’ll make Our Land great again!”

Shouted the Boss

“The land of the free and the brave

That we’ve Lost!”


“It’s inefficient, just ‘sad'”

‘A total disaster’

It’s our job to make it run

Smoother and faster!”


“We’ll give you back jobs

Like Great Cars and Great Coal

We’ll make you feel Great again

Give back your SOUL!”


“We’ll keep Foreigners out!

Cause they’re nothin’ but trouble

Out with those “bad dudes!”

OUT, OUT – on the double!”


And it started to happen

Before YOU could yell STOP!

The progress of hundreds of years



And Business kept growing

Just like the Chief pledged

And all of the muck

From the pipelines were dredged


Into the Cities, The Streets

And the Water

Into the Food that you

Fed your Daughter


That Boss, that Boss –

Yelled out to his fans

“It’s Okay! Have no Fear!

We have lots of BIG plans!”


The Pipeline you see

Was just the beginning

The leader declared

And just kept on grinning…


“I’ll act on my promises

Built up that Great WALL

‘Good Fences make Good neighbors’

After all….”


And the World was not ready

For what He had in store

This Leader relentless

In asking for MORE!


More Gas Guzzling cars

Made with HIS Specialty oil

Drilled deep within

HIS country’s sweet soil


“More Bans on the Foreigners

Let’s Wipe this Land clean!

It’s been done before

And OUR Land’s a machine!”



“Clean up the People

And Dirty the Land

Make this Place Great Again

Make Her just Grand!”


“Make her Unbelievably

Incredibly GREAT!

And we must do it NOW

Cause it’s getting LATE!”


Then his voice got real low

And his face got real RED

A message he offered

That Leader, he said:


“My Dearest Followers

Don’t believe what you hear

Only I know the truth

Let me make that real clear!”


“Everything out there’s just phony

And FAKE,”

Said that Leader

Who suddenly looked like a SNAKE


And all became SILENT

For fear they’d be FIRED

All became anxious

Wide-eyed and tired


They stepped in LINE

To the left and the right

The light left their eyes

And so did the fight


And as they succumbed

To the Leader’s great POWER

He built up his empire

Tower after TOWER



And Greenish things wilted

Creatures all died

Foreigners left

As He filled up with pride!


Counting his money

From all his investments

“I’ve been totally RIGHT

In all my assessments!”


In his White House

He smiled his White smile

Not a Color in sight

For one million miles


It all faded away

The Land became gray

Beauty and Splendor

Just melted away


And all they beheld

Was tweet after tweet

As smoldering temperatures

Climbed up in the heat


And then…


HE did something reckless

The final offense

He just HAD to do it

“Cause it only made sense.”


“I’m the Great Leader

The one that knows best!”

He said it with zeal

He said it with zest!


And in went the CODES:

Those fateful numbers

That flattened the Great Land

Into an eternal slumber




Now YOU sit out

On a planet in SPACE

Surveying the wreckage of

The human RACE


YOU were the lucky one

Escaped just in time

Before the buttons were pushed

At a quartered to nine…


And now you ask: WHY?


Could this have been halted

And brought to a STOP?


The Answer, my friend

Lies Only in YOU

Did you speak up, my friend or just

Line up in a CUE?


To the Left, to the Right

All ended up on the GROUND

Cause that’s what happens

When you don’t make a SOUND


You see…


One thing’s for sure

One thing’s just TRUE

Staying Silent is Deadly

So it’s all up to YOU!


And the Boy out in Space

Looked down and just sighed

I wish I’d have known

At least I’d have tried.


Do all that you can

To reverse this sad FATE

For it’s been said in the end

That it’s LOVE

That trumps HATE


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