A Faded Revolution

There’s a woman named Mabel
Who sits at a table
She’s part of a fable
Of years gone by

Outside her window
A world of pollution
A faded revolution
With no real solution

Black smudgy skies
And buildings that rise
A climate that cries
Exposing the lies

Inside on TV
The President grins
Propaganda begins
“Everyone wins!”
Mabel sits back:
“Has he paid for his sins?”

Population explosions
In the land of “The Chosen”
The earth’s slow erosion
The glaciers unfrozen

Planned Parenthood over
The EPA – gone
Healthcare no more
The list – it goes on….

Mabel she stands
And lets out a sigh
“We tried to RESIST
But tensions ran high”

She remembers it all
Pink hats disappearing
The frightening clearing
The end, it was nearing

Protestors hide
Threats of genocide
Dreams that soon died
Pink hats went inside

And now, here stands Mabel
Alone at her table
Part of a fable
Of years gone by

A slow resistance
Picked up speed
The media struggled
To succeed

But the President banned
All that objected
Punishing those
Whom he selected

Mabel looks down
Picks up her pink hat
Folded so flat
Like a worn-out, old mat
She intensely
Wishes it back

Straightens it out
Lets out a big sigh
For times gone by
And dreams that die

Out the window
A small patch of blue
A lone bird that flew
As her sentiments grew

She closes her eyes
And puts on her hat
And although it’s all flat
It’s like a pink cat

Swift and nimble
An unforgettable, potent
Feminine symbol

There’s a woman named Mabel
Whose abandoned her table
Resurrecting a fable
For an unwritten time

She’s forging ahead
Ignoring her dread
Pussy hat on her head
Her dreams still not dead

Her message to you:

Keep your hats on my friends
Hold onto your dreams
Don’t wait til’ the end
Band together
Now and forever
March as one
Til’ the job is done
Cause that small speck of blue
Is too hard to break through
There’s too much to undo

So Please:

Do NOT wait
Til’ America’s great
Cause the amount of hate
Will circulate
Until it’s

And  although cats have nine lives
A word to the wise
Look fear in the eyes
Don’t apologize
Most of all:

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